OK, I accept, the title of this post should have been – Why I Travel. But I believe that this will resonate with all of you (most of you for sure, if not all). Actually there is no need to give reason or justification for why one should travel, as even if nothing more, it makes most of us happy. But still, if we delve down deeper for some reasons, there is a lot more which traveling gives to us, than simply the obvious things like meeting new people, trying different food, learning new things, making us happy and so on.

Best stress-buster

There is no better stress-buster than travel. The biggest reason for stress is the monotony in life and travel helps you break that, and ultimately reducing the stress levels. Elements in your regular life only are the reasons for the stress, and travel helps you escape from your regular life, thus escaping worries and reducing stress.

Better decision making

When we are surrounded by a lot of things around in our daily life, most of our decisions are biased and impacted by those surrounding elements. When we travel, it does two important things: a) helping us detach from the regular lives, and b) gaining a fresh perspective about things, and this helps us taking better decisions about the rather important things in life.

Evolution as a person

Travelling simply makes your world bigger and thus broadening horizons of our thinking. For examples like when one backpack, he/she has to deal with various things like managing the travel plan, dealing with new kinds of people, languages, food etc. And each time we interact or engage with anything new, we learn something new. And we all know the experiential learning is always way better than learning by reading. So in short small-small things we go through while travelling, helps us grow a bit.

Self Exploration

In the fast paced life of modern times, we usually tend to get lost in it and we rarely get time absolutely for ourselves. And over the time this keeps on growing over us, and gradually we get lost in the person who do things as per the requirements of the surrounding, and we don’t even know the ‘real self’ anymore. The most important thing traveling do, if giving us time to be absolutely with ourselves and letting us see things from a distance. That helps us getting better clarity on things and knowing ourselves better. Robert Fuller very nicely sums it up, “Travel provides us with the distance required to see what it is we are habitually doing and the anonymity to risk new ways of being in the world.”

So where are you traveling to next. And remember, don’t be a tourist but be a traveler. Confused? Check out thedifference between a tourist and a traveler. Also check out few unique travel experiences to might like to consider for your next trip here. Also, if you have got more reasons, share in comments.