Roopkund trek when talked about, mostly involves the mysterious skeletons and the large meadows on the way. But that’s not just it. Though it is among the high altitude treks (approx 15700 ft.), it’s an ideal trek for beginners too. But Roopkund trek is also among the very few treks that are as safe for beginners  though you have to climb such a high altitude.

Here are a few reasons which make this ideal for beginners:

Safe Trail:

The trails of this trek is pretty well laid out and wide, so the risks of loosing your way are negligible. If you do enough reading, you even need not a guide anywhere apart from the snow patches. And though being a safe trek it has got everything a trekker wishes for. So all the trekkers who go for this first, start comparing other treks to this and sadly no other beginner trek is grand like Roopkund trek.

The beautiful trails of the roopkund trek [PC: Flickr]

The Twin Meadows:

The vast greenery of the twin meadows of Ali and Bedni Bugyal is just picturesque and you are here for almost 2-3 days. Most people don’t know that there are the largest meadows at that altitude. These meadows offers splendid panoramic views and the campsites here are as beautiful as they can get.

The huge grass meadows are truly blissful [PC: Flickr]

The Climb:

Roopkund trek has this one more specialty that no other beginners trek can be compared to the magnificent adventure on snow like the final climb of Roopkund does. The true alpine setting adds to the thrill.

The adventurous final climb [PC: Flickr]

The Mystery of Skeleton Lake:

The history of the Roopkund lake where you will get to see 100s of human skulls and skeletons is yet a myth. There are various theories around it but nobody really known the truth. Some say these are soldiers of Muhammad Tughlak, some say they are soldiers of General Zorawar Singh of Kashmir, while some say that there was a king by name Jasdhawal in medieval age who faced the fury of Goddess Nanda Devi alog-with his entourage. Lot of studies has been done to identify those unfortunates, but no clear information can be fetched.

The skeletons of the mysterious lake [PC: Shwetal Nitil Kadam]
If you care looking for an experience of trekking where the sheer intensity & thrill will make you feel it to the core of your heart (even if you are an amateur trekker), that’s the one you should go for.

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