Looking for a break from the jaded hustle of city life? Want to just get away from the rat race and slow down the pace of your life for a bit? Here are some of our favourite getaways when you’re in a laid back mood and the idea is just to sit back and relax.

  1. Nachikuppam: A placid lake and deep woods

A large mango farm, a quiet lake, the surrounding hills and deep woods offer enough to explore over an active weekend. Explore the outdoors, set up a bonfire, trek up the rocky hillside to visit a temple and if you’re feeling adventurous enough, build your own raft and take it across the lake. You can also lend a hand with the farm. The place is perfect for exploration on a bicycle, if you wish to bring yours along. If not, just sit back, relax and soak in the beauty of everything around you. Details Here

  1. Linger in Munroe Island

Munroe Island is in a divine location with a network of backwater canals winding through it. The Malayil Cottage is in a 16 acre coconut farm overlooking the cluster of trees around. The island village is an appealing destination where one can watch coir retting and weaving, fishing, prawns feeding, indulge in migratory bird watch, view the narrow canals and waterways, coconut farms on the lake shore, lagoons, mangrove plants and the beautiful tiny islands. The Ashtamudi Lake, a gentle stroll away from the property is a palm-shaped large water body, and India’s second largest and deepest wetland ecosystem. Take walks around the lake, get bikes to ride around or even boat rides if you like.And you might even be able to try and learn climbing a coconut palm!

  1. Chikmagalur: A charming piece of coffee heritage

Balur Estate lies at a distance of about 300 kms from Bangalore. The plantation dates back to the 1853 and is spread across 400 acres. The Planter’s Bungalow here has witnessed the seasons change as centuries have ticked away. Take a few days to soak in the place, its history and its solitude. Explore the waterfalls, spot birds and walk amidst absolute tranquility along its 26kms of estate roads. With temples, a wildlife sanctuary and the charming hills that surround it, there is no dearth of adventure and serenity in this captivating destination. A visit to the magnificent tea estates and tea factory will also give you a deep insight into this age old process of tea production. Details Here

  1. A careless refuge from regular life at Coorg

In many ways, time spent at Chettimani in Coorg is a careless refuge from regular life. Take a step back from the chaos of the world and let yourself rest in the meditated solitude that the place offers. Walk to the Cauvery, just a few minutes away. Finish that pending book you’ve haven’t got around to, cook a Coorgi meal, spot birds on your treks and revel in the beauty of doing nothing as you rejuvenate, relax and linger! And for when you wish to visit places, discover the numerous temples, palaces and waterfalls that the place offers.

  1. Celebrate Nature in Palampur

In the shadows of the Dhauladhar mountains, alongside a glacial stream lies Chandpur, situated 5kms from Palampur Town. Staggering serenity can be found here in the midst of vast fields. With plains straddling the lap of the mountains, it recreates a real-life replica of a painted scenery replete with streams, tea gardens and pine forests that merge into the hills. Spend your mornings in the sit-out attached to each house, with a cup of tea, a book and nothing but the encompassing serenity of your surroundings. Stray into the fields to find yourself an ideal spot for breakfast under a tree. Details Here

  1. Vijaypur: In the middle of nowhere

Nestled in the Kumaoni Himalayas, Vijaypur is a village in Bageshwar truly in the middle of nowhere. The property is on a hill slope hidden by towering, majestic pines and just beyond lies the most splendid view of the Himalayan peaks from Garhwal to Nepal, all in one place. The region also offers the great mountain air, long walks, history, spirituality and a lot more. Go for long treks and hikes, as you explore the scenic beauty of the land on foot. Visit the captivating temples and delve into the rich history. Last but not the least, try the variety of tea the place offers. Details Here

  1. Gokarna: A Village by the Sea

    Set in the rustic countryside, swarming with farms and secluded from commercial tourism, this part of Gokarna remains blissfully untouched. As you explore the land, stumble upon Bavikodla, a small fishing village with a pristine and private beach. Settle down under a coconut tree, sink your feet in the sand and read your book to the sound of the waves. Jump in for a swim and head down the beach for a walk. After a handful of relaxation begin your next day with exploration. Discover a dense mangrove forest nearby or head towards the temples, hills and waterfalls that span across the coast. With beaches, forests and an archaic 16thcentury fort, there is no dearth of discoveries along the silver linings of the Gokarna coast.

  1. Mararikulam: An Oasis of Calm and Green environs

The Palathra Heritage in Mararikulam is about retaining the authentic traditions of an age gone in the painstakingly transplanted wooden illams. A journey here conspires to be a true and complete experience of Kerala. Start by exploring the region through its deep rooted history that dates back centuries and has since given birth to various temples, churches and forts. A short walk away lies an old Shiva temple, where Sree Mahadeva and Parvathi Devi sit facing each other. Replenish in the natural beauty the land so generously offers. Walk along the beaches at Mararikulam or head to the Vembanad Lake and its connected backwaters. A scenic drive along the road winding along the beach will make it hard for you to forget your days here. Details Here

  1. Sakleshpur: Of Coffee Estates and Waterfalls

Golden wood, Harley Estate in Sakleshpur is a quiet, enchanting and rejuvenating weekend getaway four hours away from Bangalore. A 500+ acre coffee estate with multiple hills, miles of jeep tracks, a river that runs along and waterfalls, it is the perfect place to escape to and recuperate. Ride around on a bicycle or head to the stream and spend your day by the riverside. But most of all, sit back and relax over board games, coffee and a bonfire. It’s a wonderful place to do nothing. Details Here

Craving to get away to any of these, right? Do connect to us to know about more such escapades.