There is probably none among us who doesn’t get excited when hear the word vacation or travel. And it is obvious as travel means fun, memories, adventure and so on.  Travel of any kind simply makes us happy, but in recent times there is a lot more for travelers to choose from than just visiting destination. Here is a list of some unique travel experiences you can take and create unique memories for lifetime:

Festival of Million Fireflies

Imagine few days of doing whatever you want in a completely natural habitat of a village and when the night comes, it’s brightened up by nothing but millions of fireflies. And it’s just not that but this is a whole package of rural living experience. You will get to do a lot of things which you probably would have never even wondered. So live in a valley near river and the farms (or village houses with the villagers), trek at sunset, ride a tractor, work in a farm, play with animals, eat food that’s home grown by villagers. So in summary living with villagers and living their life, and on top of that witnessing millions of twinkling fireflies dancing around and above you under the open skies. And the last thing you might not probably believe is that this experience is available just a few hours drive from Mumbai, in the village of Purushwadi

This experience is created by a social enterprise named Grassroutes founded by Inir Pinheiro, among a lot of other such unique experiences they have in their bouquet of offerings.

Best Kept Secrets of Kerala

We all know that Kerala truly is God’s Own Country, but this experience lets you savor Kerala in a completely different way and that too customized to your taste. India Untravelled, a travel agency which offers offbeat travel experiences which was started by internationally acclaimed traveler and blogger Shivya Nath has created this experience and claims to help you you to leave behind Kerala’s tourist circuit and discover the picturesque countryside.

In this experience you will live countryside with the villagers who will host you in their homes, and by living with them means living like them, and participate in their daily life  if you wish to like trying your hand at pruning coffee leaves and helping farmers on their rice paddies. This experience has got something for all kind of travelers.  If you love adventure, then trek through the core zone of the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary and you might spot big cats and wild elephants if you are lucky enough, cycle through the countryside of Wayanad, or get immersed in the prehistorical Edakkal Caves. If there is a nature lover in you then you can simply spend hours bird-watching by the backwaters, spot dolphins at the beach in the early mornings, and explore the coconut countryside on a fishing boat or a houseboat. Culture seekers can participate in music and dance performances by village artisans, try hands of making their own metal craft souvenirs.

The Folk tales of West Sikkim

Gaurav Bhatnagar, an avid traveler and blogger started The Folk Tales a responsible travel company with a vision to help travelers explore the real India. Among many of their offerings, what appeals most to me personally is an experience which lets you live like a local in a Sikkimese village which is a home to 6 major tribes.

If you fascinate about knowing more about the tribes of India, then this experience is for you. This lets you not just know about the tribes but to live with them in a small village in west of Sikkim. Experience living in a lovely cottages inspired by traditional Limbu architecture using mostly reusable and biodegradable material. You can do various unique adventure activities in the mountains around, and also participate in local activities like cooking, visiting tribal houses and school etc. In the evening you can just rest in the chair on the balcony and see the clouds passing by the valley.

These are just few of thousands of such experiences available in India. I will be sharing more of such in my upcoming posts. Do share your interest categories and I will find and write about experiences in those categories. Stay tuned!