December is upon us with a brand new year just hovering around the corner, bringing with it a cause to celebrate the jubilation that comes with fresh beginnings! If you find yourself craving an escape from the weary, over-crowded and tedious New Year’s Eve parties in the city, take one of the myriad soulful journeys.

So this year don’t give in to the jaded hustle of the city life on New Year’s Eve because as they say, what you do on New Year’s Eve is only a reflection of how you will spend the coming year.

Surf’s Up at Camp Namaloha

How about spending the day battling the waters to stand upright on that surf board and catching that perfect wave. While the evenings will be spent telling travel tales and warming yourself around a bonfire under the stars.

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The Thar Trip

Sail through the golden sand dunes of Khuri with Camel Caravan, witness mesmerizing sunset over the desert horizon, spend night under open sky on the moon-kissed dunes, experience the Village Life in the interior of the THAR, dance to the Rajasthani tunes with tribals, shop at the vibrant bazaar selling traditional clothing, jewelry, pieces of art and lot more, enjoy the mouth watering cuisine ranging from desert dishes to royal delicacies, visit the ghost villages of Rajasthan Kuldhara and Khaba and spot rare wildlife at Desert National Park.

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Chadar Trek

Stretches of landscape devoid of human population, surrounded by Himalayas and Karakoram, two of the highest mountain ranges in the world, simply calls out for an exploration on foot.

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Triund Trek

Triund has an unambiguous by way which goes through a beautiful mixed forest of oak, deodar and rhododendron, destined for an awe-inspiring panorama.

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In the middle of no-where (actually Bangalore) 

Imagine living in a very quiet Alphonso farm, nestled between 2 wooded hills in a beautiful valley. Wake up to the sound of birds chirping. Indulge in activities like hiking, cycling, roaming around. And in the night gather around the bonfire over drinks and conversations.

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Harappan Ruins & Colours of Rann 

A scintillating journey back in time, to the land that has so much of historical importance. A trip to Kutch will take u through the ancients ruins of Asia’s largest Harrapan site Dholavira, and to the magical beach of Mandvi, where we witness one of the oldest shipping yards. Home stays in the local Bhungas (Mud Houses) of Bhuj and Hodka and relishing the local produce of Kutch. Finally end the journey on the Great Rann of Kutch to encapsulate the grandeur of the shining white sand desert and the Rann festival.

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Folktales of Bundi

We all know that Rajasthan has rich heritage, history and culture. But do you know that Rajasthan also has huge waterfalls, caves, lush green forests and tribes that migrated from Eastern Europe? Imagine spending 2-3 days living in a culturally rich princely state place surrounded by forests, waterfalls and wildlife. Visit the pre-historic rock paintings, explore caves, huge waterfalls, rivers and do bird watching. Spend time away from the hustle-bustle of a city life. Visit the Bundi painting artists and witness the art & craft. Listen to the local folklore from native old people. Spend time exploring the old bazaar.

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Wake up to the Singing Birds 

Switch off from your city life and let nature play its sounds, show its sights and replenish yourself and your soul. With river at a stroll’s distance makes it plain magical and picture postcard pretty. Early in the morning, the smoke rising from the hamam, the sound of birds chirping ceaselessly, the warmth of a clean, fluffy bed and the mind-blowing view of the freshly snowed Dhauladars will make your mornings mesmerizing.

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An Assorted Experience of Adventure & History

If you love stretching your limbs, climbing your way to glory and pushing your limits to achieve that extra bit of tranquility, here is where you should be. Soak in the bliss of nature and break away from the hustle bustle of your city life, as you explore Hampi. Boulder your way up rocks, cycle your way down alleys, camp around bonfires, boat across rivers in tiny coracles and swim your way to bliss. All this spruced with an ample dose of meditation and nights of star gazing, and boom- you are set to face the world again!

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A Rustic Splendour in  Sariska Tiger Reserve

Experience the wild heart of the Rajasthan’s forests in Alwar exuding the romance and beauty of a bygone age. Stay in the Luxury camps located by the village side of Tehla, a quaint haven of old-world charm and rustic splendor. Then explore the ruins of the haunted town – Bhangarh.

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Camping by the Sea on a Private Beach

Welcome 2016 with pleasing change to your hectic routine and mental relaxation. What you need is a change in scenery. At the Kashid beach campsite you can trade the tarmac, rush, and worries of city life with an exotic blend of sun, sand, and total relaxation. This coastal paradise is just a three-hour drive away from the heart of Bombay and quite popular with tourists. However, the campsite has none of the touristy trappings thanks to its unique location.

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So get off the beaten path and make this festive season brim with new discoveries and unique experiences, premeditated for you by seasoned escape artists.

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language,And this year’s words await another voice”