From the dazzling Himalayas to the gargling waters of the crystal clear Chanderi river, Spiti Valley is indeed a paradise on earth, traveling to which  is a dream  for every traveler across the world. It is the most exciting place to travel with your friends and experience adventure with fun.

Best Time To Visit: June- September

How to Reach: As roads are the only mode through which one can reach Spiti, the nearest airport is Kullu while the nearest railway station is Shimla and from both the places you can hire a taxi or a bus.

However, there are few tips that you must follow before/while traveling to Spiti Valley with your friends in order to make your trip a memorable one.

  1. Carry All the Necessary Documents

Even though you are a group of friends who are basking the journey together, you must always carry all the important documents as well as identity cards with you, as the local administration requires all these things before giving permission to travel across.

  1. Travel light

One of the most important thing that you need to follow is to travel with lighter stuff as you need to shift from one location to another, it becomes a challenging task for you to carry huge amount of stuff. Try packing only the necessary things.

  1. Take an extra pair of woolens

As temperature during the night time tends to get cold, there is a need of woolens and chances are there that even though you are feeling warm any of your friends might catch a cold and require an extra pair of woolens.

  1. Book An Accommodation Through Online Travel Partners

A lot of online travel partners offer discounts and budget friendly packages for accommodation if you are traveling in a group.

  1. Get your vehicle checked before traveling

As friends, you might be looking for a road trip to explore the charming Spiti Valley, but what is important is to get your vehicle checked before -hand only if it requires any kind of repairs especially in the case of bikes.

  1. Never camp on the wetlands or on restricted areas

As camping is one of the most exciting activity that can be done with friends at night in Spiti Valley, always remember that your camp is not on the restricted areas or on the wetlands.

  1. Avoid Travelling During Off Season

Though traveling during the off season can be a budget friendly option but chances are that you might be succumbed to harsh weather. So make a plan with friends only during the season. If you are a bunch of female travellers it is recommended to travel during the season time only.

  1. Always carry a Non -Slippery Shoes

 As snow tends to make the shoes slip it is recommended that you should carry a non- slippery shoes. Apart from it do carry a raincoat as weather is unpredictable. 

  1. Take a BSNL Connection

Only a BSNL connection from Himachal Pradesh works in Spiti Valley especially in the areas like Kaza and Tabo. You might face difficulty in connectivity with other networks.

  1. Carry Extra amount of Cash

Money is very important during a trip and if it’s a trip to Spiti Valley then you need to be extra cautious as hardly 1-2 ATM’s are there in Kaza and that too very erratic. Also, there are no money exchangers in Spiti Valley. It is advisable to carry extra cash from Manali/Shimla.

Hence, the above mentioned tips are some of the things that you need to do or carry for your upcoming Spiti Valley Trip with your bunch of friends. Do follow them to avoid any problem during the trip.